Miss Kay Music Studio offers classes to help your child enhance their cognitive, creative and musical mind. All of the classes have been certified and all students will enter international examinations held by Associated Board of Royal School of Music




The piano lesson are tailored to every individuals and aim to push one’s potential to be able to then give their best at what they are capable.

For music examination, Miss Kay Music School uses the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM), London examination program.

The certification from ABRSM is valid and accredited internationally.

Learning violin requires determination and discipline. Miss Kay helped her students to embody those values and encourage them to practice by heart, not just because they are told to.

Miss Kay teaches violin using Suzuki method and enrolled her students to ABRSM examination

Chamber class is the latest class launched. With years of experience in learning music and joining in several orchestras, Miss Kay felt the need to share those experience with her students. Thus this class is released to encourage students not only to be able to play individually, but also able to play together in a group. 



Aimed for children and their guardian/parent at the age of 2-4 years old. 

In a group class, they will explore the world of music and movement for 2-4 year old, aiming on awakening the child’s sense of music and practicing the child’s rough and soft motor skill to set them for practicing their instrument by the age of 5.

This class is also aimed to help bonding of the parent/guardian and their child. Music is an element that brought people together, in this case helps molds one’s relation between parent and their children. 

Having learnt psychology Miss Kay understands the importance of early years relationship between the children and their parent. This class secondary aim is to create a safe musical space for the group to also learn music together and having a valuable bonding sessions. 

This class is aimed for students ages 4-5 who did not want to explore musical instrument just yet. They will learn a lot of musical elements and practices that is imperative for their upcoming years should they will held their musical instruments then. 

The children will learn lots of important musical elements as well as exploring musical instruments to hone their sensitivity and musical senses.

This class can be joined both child and their parent/guardian, or even the child alone, in both private and group settings.