Miss Kay Music Studio is founded in 2012 by Kezia Mentari Therisnajaya, ARSM.,  S. Psi, M. Pd. She is the sole founder, music director and also teacher at the music studio. She goes by the name “Miss Kay” because she is often called by the name Kay.

Kezia has meddled in music world ever since she was five years old. At the age of 6 she is studying under Mr. Stephen Cahyadi, and also enrolled at the Yamaha Music School. At the age of  9 she then continues her piano lesson with Mrs. Christina Goean, Dipl. Mus. She was then introduced to the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM). She got distinction in music theory therefore her proficiency in the music theory is guaranteed. Her practical skills are also achieved with Merit, with high regard from every judge in the commentary. She is also a full time pianist in her church, the head of chamber department in which she coaches, conducts the participants in the church string chamber.

She started Violin lesson at the age of 12 under school violin teacher, Mrs. Denny Radjagukguk and received a price for Best Violin Player. At the age of 13, she took private lesson with Mr. Suprapto and after two years of basic techniques, she transferred her lesson to Mrs. Febby Gozali who emphasizes Suzuki techniques and enrolled her to Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited (ANZCA) examinations, she passed her examination with honors allowing her to then be able to teach Suzuki techniques for youngsters.  In the year 2016 she pursued further her musical performance through taking up ABRSM examinations for Violin and she was invited to a high scorers’ concert, in which she attained the highest grade across Indonesia. In the year 2017 she finished all exams of ABRSM.

In 2011, at the age of 16, she started teaching piano and violin at Willy Soemantri Music School-Tangerang. Meanwhile at 2012, she launched her own private music studio for piano and violin.  The year 2012 also happens to be the year where she joined Jakarta Christian Youth Orchestra (JCYO) under conductor, Rebecca Tong who is now taking up her doctoral studies in conducting in the US. She landed her seat as the 1st Violin, and throughout mid 2013-end of 2014 she landed the position of Assistant Concert Master in JCYO. During her time in JCYO, she has given the chance to learn from Mr. Timothy Conkling, Mrs. Evie Conkling, who is a violinist, Mr. Jethro Rachmadi and also Mr. Malvinas Pinem.

At the year 2013, she resigned from Willy Soemantri Music School and then teach at Amazia Music School Tangerang, she teaches there for over a year and then resign in order to focus on her private music studio. At mid-year 2013, she is accepted at Pelita Harapan University majoring in Psychology with Bronze Scholarship for Academic Achievement and expected to finishes her study within 3 years in August 2016. 

After she has finished and attained her bachelor degree in psychology, she then has a vision to broaden her musical and psychological passions. This vision and passion then brings her to develop a new concept of learning in general and also specifically, learning music. She then opens a new branch at Gading Serpong under the name KAY Talent Development Center. It is the first psychological integrated development course in Indonesia. KAY Talent Development offers a variety of courses to be taken with also taking account one’s psychological growth and wellbeing.

During the year 2019 she embarks in a new masters degree journey and lets her finish on January 2021 with honors. She develops tailored curriculum especially for kindy students ages 3-5 as she explores the world of Early Childhood Education, especially in the music realm. On the year 2020 she launches new class directed especially for Early Childhood (Kindy and Pre-K) students. Classes are able to be browsed on the ‘courses’ page. 

Over the years, through learning psychology and teaching music throughout her high school and university up until now, she realizes her deep passion in understanding human behavior and especially towards musicians. She cares deeply and sincerely for all of her students’ personal development and has the experience, intuition, motivation, knowledge, understanding, and patience to effectively impart her passion for music to her students.


Miss Kay seeks to discover, awaken, and help develop each student’s gifts; to see them excel in their personal calling and allow a heart of nobility, integrity, and humility to be formed within them. 


Each person’s thought processes, perceptions, and learning styles are unique, thus Miss Kay’s teaching approach is adjusted according to the individual. She teaches good practice and learning habits while promoting character development and self-discipline, and is active in setting goals for every student. Her students are instructed in how to create music and be expressive musicians.